The Patented ATS 2000 Pneumatic Rapid Rail Maintenance Machine is a pneumatically powered rail maintenance machine, that has been specifically developed to make the job of rail sawing & drilling easy and accurate. It is lubrication free, and can cut and drill rails from 22kg to 60kg.

Simply position the Pneumatic Rapid Rail Maintenance Machine at the point where the cut needs to be made. Clamp the unit onto the rail, switch the motor on, turn the saw feed wheel and cut through the rail. Reverse the saw feed wheel, and return to the open position. Switch the twin drill head motor on, Then turn the feed wheel on the twin drilling head which is already in the correct position. Drill the holes through, retract the feed wheel and the drills return to original position. Unclamp the rail clamp; lift the unit off the rail and job is complete in just 5 minutes.

22 – 60kg Rail Capacity Results – Fast, Accurate and Absolute Repeatability, which is in the Machine and not the Operator