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ATS 2000 – Leading Heavy-Duty Pneumatic Equipment Manufacturers


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ATS 2000 was established with a view to repair, maintain, manufacture and supply spares for all makes of pneumatic tools. Due to the success of this operation, in 1976 we ventured to develop the first fully South African designed and manufactured pneumatic grinder, known as the 550 Range. These products and services were directed at the foundry, heavy and structural engineering sectors and proved to be highly successful.

Lifting and Material Handling

Pneumatic Equipment and Tools

Rail Maintenance Equipment

Air Hoist
Pneumatic Hoist
Low Headroom Air Hoist
Low Headroom Airhoist
Low Headroom Pneumatic Hoist
Ultra Low Headroom Airhoist
Ultra Low Headroom Pneumatic Hoist
Rack and Pinion Drive Beam Crawl
Beam Crawl Brake
Plain Beam Trolley
Geared  Beam Trolley
Pneumatic Beam Trolley
Plain Beam Crawl
Geared Beam Crawl
Pneumatic Crawl
Articulated Beam Crawl
Articulated Beam Trolley
Pneumatic Lifting Equipment
Air Driven Lifting Equipment
Rigger Air Hoist
Rigger Pneumatic Hoist
Rigga Air Hoist
Rigga Pneumatic Hoist
Rigga Hoist
Indu Hoist
Industrial Air Hoist
Industrial Pneumatic Hoist
BOP Air Hoist
BOP Pneumatic Hoist
BOP Handling System
Atex Hoist
Atex Pneumatic Hoists
Atex Air Hoists
Zone1 Air Hoists
Zone 1 Pneumatic Hoists
Zone 2 Air Hoists
Zone 2 Pneumatic Hoists
Air Driven Beam Crawl
Air Driven Pneumatic Crawl
100% duty cycle hoists
Load testing and Certification Pneumatic Hoists
Load testing and Certification Air Hoists
Ultra Low Headroom Chain Blocks
Ultra Low Headroom Manual Chain Blocks
Ultra Low Headroom Manual Chain Hoists
Air Winch
Pneumatic Winch
Tugger Winch
Lifter Winch
Air Capstan
Pneumatic Capstan
Air Driven Pump
Air Driven Submersible Pump
Vortex Pump
Stage Pump
Booster Pump
Duplex Pump
Pneumatic Chain Saw
Pneumatic Chain Saw
Air Driven Chain Saw
Pneumatic Rail Cutting Saw
Air Rail Cutting Saw
Hydraulic Rail Saw
Hydraulic Rail Maintenance Saw

Since 1976, ATS 2000 are Leading Heavy-Duty Pneumatic Equipment Manufacturers in South Africa. 

We have always prioritized:

  • Innovative product design & technology
  • Engineering & manufacturing precision
  • Customer-orientated service
ATS Factory where we make ATS 2000 – Heavy-Duty Pneumatic Equipment