The Patented Rapid Rail Drilling & Sawing Machine is now available as a Hydraulically powered rail maintenance kit made up of the Rapid Rail Sawing Machine and the Rapid Rail Precision Drilling Machine. The set has been specifically developed to make the job of rail cutting & drilling easy and accurate whilst keeping the machine light and easy to transport.

Traditionally this work is done with equipment and tools that produce rough and inaccurate work. This in turn causes derailments and excessive wear on the Rolling Stock wheels and bearings. 

Because of the completely square edge created when a rail is cut by the Rapid Rail Sawing Machine and the unique twin drilling system on the Rapid Rail Precision Drilling Machine, holes can be drilled consistently and precisely. This ensures all joints uniformly comply with required standards, independent of when or by who they are drilled. The drilling procedure is simple and free of ambiguity. 

In order to drill fish plate holes, after cutting the rail to size using the Rapid Rail Sawing Machine, simply position the drilling unit at a point where the cut has been made, push the cleanly cut end of the rail against the adjustable end stop, and clamp the drilling unit onto the rail. Next, feed the drills into the rail by turning the drill feed wheel. Once the drills have been fed completely through the rail, return the drills to the retracted position, unclamp the unit and lift it off the rail. The job can be completed in well under 5 minutes.