The ATS 2000 Turbo “G” 4 Pneumatic Rock Sampling Tool with adjustable flow on the water feed and 50% enclosed wheel guard and an outstanding uncluttered side to centre of only 46mm which can produce a cut of 67mm depth, and is the ideal tool for accurate and quick rock sampling and masonry cutting.

The ATS 2000 Pneumatic Rock Sampling Tool has very good ergonomics and balance with a spade handle for better control in many positions, making the tool very user friendly. The motor power produces 3kW and has exceptional torque and power even at low air pressures and is of a light weight durable design with a stainless steel cylinder. The ATS 2000 Pneumatic Rock Sampling Tool has a built in safety latch trigger, is lubrication free, and a fail-safe governor that will not over speed.