The unique registered design of the ATS 2000 Pneumatic PVC and HDPE Chainsaw, allows for automatic precision leveling and aligning of the HDPE or PVC Pipe in relation to the frame via the chain-lock strap, which holds the HDPE or PVC pipe down while cutting is in process. There is a latch to hold the saw in the open position to allow the operator to load the timber into the frame.

This makes the ATS Pneumatic PVC and HDPE Chainsaw a truly one man operated saw. Eliminating additional operators hands been caught in the saw. The ATS Pneumatic PVC and HDPE Chainsaw’ tungsten chain and guide bar remain cool, clean and lubricated while cutting and this gives them longer life and clean, non plastic balling repeatable cut time and time again. The ATS Pneumatic PVC and HDPE Chainsaw will cut HDPE pipes from 100mm to 450mm


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