The new ATS Opti-flow Vertical High Pressure Concrete Pump with 3″ inlet and discharge has been designed with the South African Mining Industry in mind. The pump has a market leading valve assembly, is lubrication free, incorporates a built in micro filter, silencer, Opti-flow air control valve and restart plunger on the valve (should the valve stall). The pump has a 1″ BSP air inlet bush – allowing for direct connection from standard 1″ (25mm) mining hoses used underground. The pump is capable of pumping concrete, water, and low viscosity material, as well as other materials, like mud sludge and coal sludge, or contaminated water, etc

The pump is suitable for pumping concrete to elevated positions like box fronts shutterings. Quick release clamps on the inlet and discharge manifolds allow them to be dismantled in one minute. Where quick dismantling is important, cement and other quick setting materials which are pumped can be flushed out in minutes – without the need for spanners during dismantling or re-assembly.

To ensure maximum efficiency of the pumping operation, and to minimize the bottlenecks of manual mixing, the pump has been coupled with an air motor driven high volume concrete mixer and a quick delivery hopper. Together the units make up a high efficiency concrete delivery system – which reduces the labour and time required to complete jobs.